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Skyfend Hunter Canon Antidrone Détecte Localise identifie paralyse


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Skyfend Hunter Anti-drone Cannon Detects Locates Identifies Neutralizes

Skyfend Hunter SHH100 in a single anti-drone jammer All-in-one Detection and Jamming
Jamming Range of 3,000m
Full Coverage 400 MHz-6 GHz
Equipped with a 3.5-inch touchscreen
Guided Orientation
Intelligent Jamming
User Logs
Firmware Upgrades

The Skyfend Hunter is an economical and versatile portable jammer cannon that can detect, identify, locate, and mitigate drone threats. Hunter offers exceptional efficiency against most drone types and models. It has the ability to simultaneously disrupt the control link, navigation, and video transmission of several drones. Hunter revolutionizes mitigation technology with its sleek, all-in-one design, allowing for precise RF and GNSS jamming. With its compact format and user-friendly interface, Hunter is the ultimate anti-drone solution for various scenarios, including event security, VIP protection, and energy facility security.

Long Range Protection

With omnidirectional antennas, Hunter detects and alerts to drone signals in all directions within a 2 km radius. When a drone enters the detection zone, Hunter quickly obtains its model, frequency band, and direction. It then automatically adjusts the jamming frequency, targeting the RF or GNSS signals specific to the detected drone model, effectively neutralizing the drone threat beyond visual range.

Omnidirectional Detection Range 2000m
Jamming Range 3000m

No Drone Missed

Hunter integrates a comprehensive drone database for detection, covering common UAV models. It offers continuous coverage from 400 MHz to 6 GHz from a hardware perspective. With firmware upgrades, it can block any frequency. More jamming possibilities are provided, especially for broad-spectrum FPVs. Moreover, Hunter supports customization of frequency ranges to meet specific client requirements.

Easy to Use

Hunter's exceptional ease of use sets it apart in the industry. It excels in detecting drone models and quickly selecting a targeted jamming strategy. All you have to do is pull the trigger. If multiple drones invade, Hunter will assess the overall threat and select a jamming strategy. Every jamming strategy takes into account the possibility of frequency hopping from drones.

Versatile Touchscreen

The 3.5-inch touchscreen offers a high resolution of 1280 x 720, allowing users to get a clear view of the number, frequency bands, and models of intruding drones. Additionally, the touchscreen provides detailed directional guidance, facilitating efficient user operations. In conjunction with other detection devices, the touchscreen displays intuitively...

Intelligent Jamming

Intelligent jamming: depending on the detected drone model, the jamming strategy is automatically set, and radio interference signals are simultaneously transmitted across several frequency bands. Radiogoniometry to assist aiming: a directional antenna is used to measure the azimuth (horizontal angle) of the drone target, and the user is prompted to aim at the target based on the jammer's pointing information, preparing for jamming. Positioning measurement: The device is equipped with a GPS module, an electronic compass, and a gyroscope. It can measure its own position and gun pointing for positioning and aiming. Software update: the device supports wired connection to a PC, and the device's software version can be updated using the corresponding host computer software. Log reading: the device supports wired connection to a PC to read system logs, including operation logs and fault diagnostic information.


Detection range: omnidirectional and full-band detection. In an open environment without interference or obstruction, the detection range exceeds 2 km. Jamming range: full-band directional jamming. In an unobstructed environment, the jamming distance can reach up to 3 km. Radiogoniometry capability: bi-frequency radiogoniometry (2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz). The horizontal angle of less than 10° can be measured. Portable use: The device supports the installation of a shoulder strap, allowing users to carry the device on their back during patrols and other activities. The device can be mounted on a tripod (optional accessory) to allow users to engage in activities such as camping. Fault management: If the device is faulty, a fault icon will appear on the screen. The user can read the system log and send it to customer service for troubleshooting.


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Skyfend Hunter Canon Antidrone Détecte Localise identifie paralyse

Skyfend Hunter Canon Antidrone Détecte Localise identifie paralyse

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